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How NYTO Will Leverage Chatbots

Gather Customer Information About Style Preferences and Corrective Eyewear Useage Habits
Collate Information Into Customer Profile
Relay Information to Sales People or Customer Support As Needed

Sales People And Customer Support are Less Burdened by Rote Information Gathering And Customers Enjoy Interacting with NYTO

The Why

Chatbots will feature prominently in businesses of the future and NYTO is no exception. We will leverage both rudimentary and complex chatbot systems to:


1. Offload information gathering from sales and customer support.

2. Walk a user through a self-service automated frame selection and consultation.

3. Assist a user with rudimentary common eyeglass repairs and adjustments.

4. Gather data for deep customer preference profiles.

5. Continuing in the NYTO way, we’ll introduce some fun and variety into the user experience. After all, NYTO is a fun take on A.I., automation, and hyper personalization. See our branding page for more on how we will use a mascot named NYTO to introduce users to a variety of high tech services and products.

Watch NYTO Gather Customer Information

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