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Material Research

Better Eyewear Through Chemistry

At NYTO we strive to build a strong culture of engineering. That’s why we continually test and refine our products. Having our frames meet bio-compatibility and skin irritation standards and certifications is of the utmost importance. Many people wear their glasses for 12-16 hours per day so we rely on our materials being totally hypoallergenic and irritant free. The PA-12 fused nylon and the black dye that colors it both meet these criteria.

Below you can find PDFs of skin irritant test results and bio compatibility certifications.

Materials Used

HP Nylon PA-12 (Multi-Jet Fusion)

Dyes Used

DyeMansion Black

Standards Met


& Skin Irritant Standards

Studies & Certifications

Lab Test In Vitro Skin Analysis of DyeMansion Black Dye

Click the button to view the PDF

View Skin Irritant Study

HP’s Bio-Compatibility for PA-12 Nylon

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View Bio Compatibility Certification

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